How Much Does It Cost To Build A Business Website?

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I often get asked this question when new clients approach me for help. There is no one answer, as every site is different. You have to consider the number of pages, the functionality, and if the website will be used to generate revenue. It also depends on the size of the business and what the end goal of the site is.

So how much it costs to build a business website? If you work with a website consultant or web design expert, you can expect to pay £1000+ for a basic website. It should tick the boxes for design, responsiveness, SEO and help generate leads. If you approach a web design agency that employs a lot of staff, you can expect to pay £2000+ or more for the same site. This is because they have larger overheads to cover such as office space and staff.

Let me delve deeper into some ballpark figures:

Design consultant website costs?

Suppose you have a new business and you need to advertise your services or products via a website. But, you lack the technical skills and know-how to create a website and you have a limited budget. In this scenario a website developer or designer would be ideal.

A good developer will be able to design and build you a site that looks good, works on mobile and tablet devices and is optimised for search engines.

You should also be able to access the site via a login so you can update content in the in-built CMS. WordPress, Squarespace or Wix are good examples.

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Business website cost examples

Blog website cost £800-1000
5-page brochure website cost £1000-2000
10-page business website cost £3000-5000
Small e-commerce website cost £2500-4000
Large e-commerce website cost £6000+

Digital agency website costs?

You have a bigger budget, a challenging website build and need a dedicated team to put your vision online. In this scenario a digital agency may be a good bet as they have the resources to get your business up and running.

For technical projects, such as a large e-commerce store, most agencies can dedicate a team of developers to support you.

A freelance web designer may struggle here unless they can subcontract some of the required tasks.

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Business website cost examples

Blog website cost £1200-2000
5-page brochure website cost £2000-4000
10-page business website cost £5000-7000
Small e-commerce website cost £4000-6000
Large e-commerce website cost £8,000+

Build your own website?

If you have zero budget, but you have some website developer skills or can dedicate some time to learn, then this might be a good option. Using self-build sites on platforms such as WordPress, SquareSpace or Wix can often be a great way to get a business online.

TIP – WordPress would be my recommendation and It’s free.

In addition to building your site, some level of site optimisation will be required. Plus it is now a requirement (according to Google) that your website must display correctly on a mobile device.

Some other tasks you may need to look at are:

  • keyword research
  • responsive break-points
  • Google indexing
  • site-map setup
  • cross-browser testing

Additional website build costs?

Themes and templates costs

These are a great way to quickly get your website online. There are plenty of free WordPress themes or other platform templates to use. Yet these are generally low quality and may limit the outcome.

You may need to buy a premium theme for £60 plus use an approved website builder plugin such as Elementor Pro for £50.

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Hosting and domain costs

Unless the designer or agency have included these in their prices, you will need to pay for your hosting and domain name.

A domain can cost from as little as a few pounds, right up to hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Hosting should cost you around £10 per month and should include a free SSL certificate. This ensures your site has a padlock and https assigned to your website – meaning it’s safe and secure for visitors to use.

Website maintenance costs

Every website will require some level of regular maintenance. This could be updating content, upgrading a plugin or dealing with a website hacker. You can expect to pay upwards of £40 per month for someone to do this for you.

Site engine optimisation costs

SEO or site engine optimisation is a term you certainly would have heard of. When done correctly it ensures that your site meets certain standards that can help search engines like Google find your website.

According to MOZ it is based on the quality, the quantity and amount of organic traffic to your site. This is calculated by Google’s search bots that look at every website and position it based on relevancy.

You can spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds employing an SEO guru to help get your website to hit the number one spot in Google.

Yet, if you write targeted articles that answer those important questions for your sector, you can improve your chances for free.


Whichever route you decide to take on your journey to build a business website, my advice would be to talk to a web designer or web design company and see which fits your requirements. If the budget is tight, then have a go at building your website. It can be fun and very rewarding.

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