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AgRecruit is a Buckinghamshire based recruitment company run by Sam Clayton. They specialise in placing candidates into agricultural tech roles and finding team members for startup agtech companies.

I was initially invited to work on this project by Adrian at Agro Mavens a specialist agricultural marketing agency. AgRecruit already had an existing logo and website but it required an update in messaging, content and look.

The logo was based on the wireless symbol which is a key part of a lot of robot based tech now used in modern agriculture. By using this symbol in combination with the ‘A’ from AgRecruit, it presented a unique mark that could be used across all marketing collateral.

The website was designed to be simple in layout and UX and so didn’t require an advanced job board and search facility. Using bold imagery and a strong colour palette, the design sits well within the agricultural recruitment market place.

Visit the completed site here

agrecruit web showcase2

agrecruit office

Since the website was refreshed and re-launched, the site’s organic traffic has quadrupled, with a good click-through rate. This was done using engaging design, keyword-rich content and by posting regular articles.

agrecruit search results