Web design & build project for an Ireland based cattle tag business

datamars header

The Client

Datamars is a global leader in animal identification. In 2017 the Irish affiliate, Datamars Agri became an approved supplier of cattle ear tags for the Republic of Ireland. They required an online presence to both market their products and encourage visitors to purchase stock.

The Project

I was commissioned to create and build the new website by the client’s marketing company Whisper. We based the design style on the French Datamars site which the client liked, so this dramatically reduced the project timeline and negated the need for design visual. With this in mind, I decided to design the site directly within WordPress itself to save time and costs.

The main focus was on directing visitors to the products page. We gave the option of ordering online or by downloading a physical order form as some customers may not be that ‘tech savy’.

One of the challenges was in creating helpful image guides on the tech support page. Sometimes plugins don’t work well with other plugins. So there is always a delicate balance in getting a website to work correctly.

The other challenge was integrating an interactive world map showing the locations of the various Datamars offices.

Taking this existing design, I extracted elements such as the red top bar, the icons and font selections, and created a design that was sympathetic to the Datamars brand.

The site was created using the WordPress framework using a premium theme.

The Result

You can see the results of the website design below. View the Datamars site »

datamars home page top

datamars home page bot

datamars about page top

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