Sirius Science Logo Design

Sirius Science provide the only fully mobile 3D space shows in Ireland. Their target market are schools, community groups and festivals and they can cater for up to 225 people per show.

The Sirius Science project brief

I was approached by Susan Heaney, one of the directors of Sirius Science to create a logo design for their new company. Luckily they were in a unique position of not having any direct competition.

We identified that the target market would be a mixture of teachers of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths), students aged 8+, careers advisers, festival programmers, community group coordinators & space geeks! Hence the the style of the logo needed to be friendly, playful and of course unique.

Susan did supply a basic logo idea that consisted of a dog looking up into the sky at the Sirius constellation. This is more commonly known as the Dog Star. As a result this was the basis for one of my designs and ended up being the preferred idea.

sirius science logo sketches large

Colour inspiration and exploration

sirius colour concept 1

The final logo design

Having used Susan’s initial steer towards using a dog emblem, this idea seemed most appropriate. I hand-drew the dog and at the last minute added the space helmet to give the design more character and context.

The colour palette was based upon a star constellation image that I came across while in research mode. The deep purples and blues seemed to work really well, and provided a more confident, established feel to the brand.

sirius science van
sirius science biz card

Below are a couple of alternative logo concepts.

sirius logo concept 1