WordPress Site Design & Logo Refresh

Trading Live are a UK based professional community of traders. They offer live trading data, advice and industry news in the form of an online trading room. Trading Live also provide support to newly qualified traders who need help in further developing their skill-set in the real world.

trading live wordpress site
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Trading Live initially approached me to create a new WordPress site design for their existing online member site. The old website was looking dated and had limited appeal to new visitors. Once we discussed the scope of the project, we decided that the addition of a logo refresh was also required in order to bring the business inline with competitor sites.


The original identity looked disjointed and didn’t lend itself well to use with social media. One of the things I kept from the original was the extended V which helps to accent the positive connotations of Trading Live’s business. This ‘tick’ was then used again as the brandmark element, and lent itself to being used as an extension of the brand.

Upon analysing the colour palette, I thought the black looked quite stark against the lighter blue, so instead a dark blue was used which compliments the original blue and strengthens the identity. I also updated the font which has the desired effect of making the company look friendlier and more approachable.

trading live logo transformation

trading live logo guidelines


The original site design featured poorly executed illustrations that both made the website look dated and cheapened the brand. There was also no visible images of the team behind the company. With the new Trading Live site I used a combination of office shots and good quality stock shots to bring out their personality.

With so many features and benefits to include, I broke these down into bite sized sections so visitors could easily absorb what Trading Live offers. I further clarified the sign-up process by adding a ‘How it Works’ page.

The overall effect is a more professional, premium looking site that ensures visitors that are interested in trading get a better experience and are more likely to become a member. There are now clearer call-to-actions and a more obvious ‘trial signup’.

trading live WordPress site design