Agricultural logo design for Xiren

Project info

Lonza are the creators of META® metaldehyde, the world’s leading molluscicide. One of their products in this area is a premium slug pellet called Axcela.

The challenge

I was approached by Whisper to create the agricultural logo design for Xiren the French version of the Axcela brand. The identity had to have a premium feel but attract both farmers and growers as they are the main target market.

The logo design reflects the treatment and breakdown process of the slugs that attack growers crops. The use of green mirrors the main Axcela brand whereas the blue directly references the product itself.

In partnership with Whisper Pr


The launch of this new identity has meant that Lonza can attract a new customer base in France.


Logo design

agricultural logo design
xiren logo reversed
xiren slug pellet logo design
xiren van mock up